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Follow The Military Reform Information Security

Shengda Shiji Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2016

Shift the focus: information security has become the main

Confidential objects are military secrets, military secrets existing forms have a direct impact on the content and features of security work. RMA booming, to further promote information technology in military training, operational command, logistics, research and development and administration of a wide range of applications. Various information systems increasingly popular in the army, and penetrated into all aspects of military work, to produce military information, bearing, manner and means of communication have had a revolutionary impact. And word of mouth and paper-carrier era compared to current speed information transmission efficiency is thousands of times past. Today, the massive military information stored in the "disk", the flow of the Internet, the spread in the air, so that the leak risks and vulnerabilities has increased considerably, the harm caused is also growing. Therefore, the confidential nature of the work, tasks, means, manner has undergone major changes. To resist technical reconnaissance and sabotage, protection of classified information and information systems security to prevent theft, breach of confidentiality as the main purpose of information security, inevitably become the subject of military secrecy. Good information security has become actively respond to the new challenges of change of military objective needs.