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Phone As "spy" Alert Your Body "bug"

Shengda Shiji Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2016

Let us look at the principle of communication phone - mobile phone communication process, which is to use the language of the phone signal is transmitted to a mobile communication network, and then by the mobile communication network signal into the language of the electromagnetic spectrum of radiation transmitted through a communications satellite to the subject if people in a telecommunications network, the recipient's wireless communication device receives the electromagnetic waves, converted to speech signals switched communications network. Therefore, mobile communication is an open electronic communication system, as long as there is a corresponding receiving device, it is possible to intercept any time, any place, and any call information. Since many mobile communications cause a loss of leak example. ?? March of this year, Osama bin Laden's right-hand man, "base" organization number two man Abu Zubaydah from the use of mobile phone exposure hideout and arrested; in April 1996, the Russian Chechen rebel leader Dudayev by phone leak, the Russians were killed. With the development of communication technology, mobile phone already has a "yourself first" function --- if the phone has "Location Services" function, others through this service to keep track of your place; in Taiwan, there is now a kind of "spy phone" sales is very busy, it is said that it is actually a cell phone listening devices. Just microchipped eavesdropping function in general have phone, you can start the wave of telephone tapping function. "