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Several Ways To Prevent Electromagnetic Radiation Leak

Shengda Shiji Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2016

Into the 1980s, along with the various types of electronic equipment widely used in military and civilian areas, solve the problem of electromagnetic radiation leakage also will be put on the agenda. Like water in the river must have penetration leakage, all electronic devices such as computers, electronic typewriters, telegraph, telephone, amplifiers, projectors and other electromagnetic radiation leakage problems exist different programs in the information transfer process, especially electronic device with a display (CRT) leak more serious. According to the information, received abroad and restore information from the electromagnetic radiation is over 1000 meters. Therefore, the use of technical means to prevent the leakage of secret information in the form of electromagnetic radiation is an urgent need to address the problem. Current technology means speaking, the main method is to reduce the intensity of electromagnetic radiation of electronic devices, shielding, install jammers, a safe distance and reduce the height of the control electronic equipment placed floor and so on. These tools have their pros and cons, we need integrated, remedy. Reduce electronic equipment, particularly computer (including microcomputer) electromagnetic radiation intensity, by the level of technology and cost price constraints, the current domestic several large computer manufacturers are in the prototype stage exhibitions. Such models mainly on machines using small shield and other technical means to reduce electromagnetic radiation intensity.