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The Basic Requirements For The Protection Of Secrets

Shengda Shiji Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2016

Ensure that state organs to carry out official activities smoothly and internal management effectively, protect the secret work necessary. Effective protection of secret work to do:

(A) the state organs at all levels must clarify the scope of this organ produced;

(Ii) management system based on the actual situation of the secret agencies improve and implement conservation;

Internal data (iii) provide external part of the secret work, should be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the relevant competent authorities. The relevant departments in charge of the system did not provide secret work to establish uniform approval authority, agency leadership should normally be responsible for approving produce work secret. Without approval, shall not be part of the work of the secret documents, information and other items provided or disclosed outside references.

(Iv) improve and implement the protection of secret management system. To make life a secret from the production, use, transfer, destruction can be saved to a rule-based.

(V) found leakage of secret work, especially adverse effect on the official activities of state organs or harmful consequences, according to the "Provisional Regulations on Civil Servants" requirement, pursue the administrative responsibility of the responsible person.