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The Main Way Compromised Computer And Prevention

Shengda Shiji Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2016

In 1946 the world's first computer was born in the United States, experienced a computer quickly tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, sub-scale integrated circuits and ultra large scale integrated circuits five stages of development. The emergence of the microcomputer and the computer network to expand the scope of application of the computer. Causing a computer simulation applied deep into all aspects of social life. Now, in our country to visit, technology, industry. Agriculture, commerce, finance, transportation, transport, culture, education, services and other fields and industries have begun to widely use the computer. As a comprehensive science and technology, office automation, computer centers and more is based on a large number of computer equipment in the vital sectors of government, and military, all kinds of secret information is fed into a computer for processing, storage and delivery. How do computer information security work at the thought of a new task we face.

Widely used in computers to promote the social development and progress, but also brought a series of social problems. Now, the Western countries to put their community due to the widespread use of computers called "fragile society." The vulnerability of the general performance of a computer in many aspects of computer crime, destruction of hostile countries, accidents and natural disasters, electromagnetic interference, staff errors and defects of the computer itself, the most prominent is likely to be compromised and theft.