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The United States Through A Variety Of Ways To Steal Our Secrets

Shengda Shiji Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2016

According to US intelligence historian Jeffrey Liqieersen said:. "America can be used many means to eavesdrop on communications of China, including from submarines class submarine platform to a variety of antenna systems on the ground, until run in space satellite 38,600 kilometers high. "in fact, the United States and its allies have established a spy exclusively for spying global" shadow "telecommunications network. They are used to intercept communications of China bug, just a simple glass fiber fake branches - is called a "stick" microphone (once used to collect the Chinese Embassy in Washington, important information); complex as those worth $ 500 million spy satellite. Located in eastern Washington state Yakima most likely cut-off received Chinese Foreign Ministry and Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC between. Interstate 82 at the north driveway of a resting point you can see the five dishes, two of about 30 meters in diameter, facing southwest direction, that Intelsat east over the Pacific. In the Pacific region in Japan, Hawaii and Canada have on China's high-frequency radio communications interception station. "Orion" is one of the latest US spy satellites, used to intercept radio signals point to point microwave communications world many local and long distance calls used. These satellites running on 360,000 kilometers above the Earth's orbit, and not far from communications satellites. These "Orion" position so that they can be trapped scattered microwave signal, the United States by virtue of the satellite as far away as the Arctic, but also can listen to China and other countries of the phone call.